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    Thank you for your assistance in completing the tower lightning protection project. Your company's service is very considerate and technologically advanced, especially the flexible grounding body earthing project, which greatly reduces our cost and time, and I hope to have the opportunity to cooperate again.
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Flexible Lightning Grounding System

Place of Origin China
Brand Name HAMMOND
Certification ISO9001
Model Number HD-R10Y
Minimum Order Quantity Negotiable
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 8 days
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 1000

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Product Details
Product Name Flexible Grounding Electrode Material Flexible Material
Function Lighting Protection Product Keywords Blocking Agent,Flexible Grounding Body,Resistance Reduction Materials
CERTIFICATE ISO9001/ CE Weight 1kg
High Light

1kg Lightning Grounding System


Flexible Lightning Grounding System


CE Flexible Lightning Grounding System

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Product Description
Trial Pack Independently Develop Resistance Reducing Effect Exactly Exactly Flexible Grounding Body HD-R10

Flexible grounding body HD-R10 is a new grounding material that overturns the traditional concept and is a new product specially developed for grounding and resistance reduction in high mountainous rocky areas. Flexible grounding body has field molding, not limited by geographical area, especially very effective for high resistivity areas, and very good economy. It is a low-cost, high-utilization product, suitable for promotion and use in mountainous areas.


Flexible grounding body at the same time can greatly reduce the resistivity of the medium, resistance reduction coefficient can reach 0.16, that is to say, it can reduce more than 100 ohms to a few 10 ohms. This efficiency is unattainable by any product at present. Due to its added anti-corrosion formula can effectively delay the corrosion years of galvanized metal body. The product is a one-time molding reaction is irreversible, the product is insoluble in water, so it does not pollute the surrounding land, does not contain harmful heavy metals, has no impact on the environment, and has a theoretical design life of 30 years.


On-site production and molding, multi-dimensional universal grounding material.

Nanoscale non-metallic conductive material.

Natural synthesis one-time reaction molding.


The shape is closely connected to the medium, forming an integrated structure, cleverly transforming materials with extremely poor electrical conductivity such as rocks into electrical conductors, using its own characteristics conducive to the passage of electric charges, forming a multi-directional discharge channel, largely increasing the effective contact area between the metal grounding pole and the surrounding medium.

Flexible grounding body HD-R10 is mainly used for grounding network buried resistance reduction; the original metal grounding body corrosion effect is relatively poor, in addition is not suitable for use in mountainous areas, especially rocky areas, flexible grounding body HD-R10 is suitable for grounding resistance reduction in mountainous rocky areas, not subject to geographical conditions, can be made on site, according to the site conditions molding, no corrosion of the metal connection body, good resistance reduction effect, this flexible The grounding body is composed of non-metallic conductive powder, polymer material and microfiber adhesive. Its use is not limited by environmental conditions, as long as the construction volume can receive the effect of resistance reduction, long service life, stable resistance reduction effect.

A remarkable feature of flexible grounding body HD-R10 is that it can form an irregular shape and an effective contact area between it and the medium, thus obtaining a good resistance reduction effect. This is something that no grounding pole or grounding module could do in the past.



The difference between flexible grounding body and grounding module

1. grounding module is relying on pressure to graphite and other non-metallic conductive body synthesis fixed shape of the grounding body, its characteristics are fixed shape and volume, prefabricated molding, the surface shape is fixed unchangeable, the surface area is certain, in the ordinary land and medium contact area is relatively large, resistance reduction effect is relatively good, resistance reduction coefficient can reach 0. 7-0.8. but in the rock due to the stone shape is not the same resulting in the module and stone between The contact area is limited, and the resistivity of the stone is high and the conductivity is poor, so the effect of resistance reduction is not ideal, for this reason, the middle use of colloidal resistance reducing agent as a medium involved in resistance reduction, the grounding effect is better. But the disadvantage is that the process requirements are relatively high, the construction process is more complex, two materials put together, the cost is relatively high.

2. 2. Flexible grounding body is developed by combining the characteristics of colloidal resistance and nano-ion grounding module, with good electrical conductivity, strong water absorption, good water retention, can be shaped arbitrarily according to geographical conditions, rapid molding, and media to form a contact wrapping area. So you can get more anisotropic induction charge, can be combined in an instant into a lightning discharge current (the nature of lightning current is actually a large number of charges in (the nature of lightning current is actually a large number of charges in a short period of time quickly into the earth, by the combination of anisotropic charges in the earth).

3. flexible grounding body to choose a carrier with surge performance, which can fully ensure the passage of charge in the carrier.

4. 4. The flexible grounding body is formulated with a unique anti-corrosion factor, which provides good corrosion resistance. This has been proven in practice.

5. Flexible grounding body will be grounding module and colloidal dampening agent construction into one, saving the material cost and construction cost, that is, the construction difficulty is also greatly reduced, its resistance reduction efficiency is super high, resistance reduction effect coefficient by the national quality inspection center testing can reach 0.16, that is, the grounding resistance can be reduced to 0.16 times.

Flexible Lightning Grounding System 0Flexible Lightning Grounding System 1


Flexible Lightning Grounding System 2


Flexible Lightning Grounding System 3


Flexible grounding body horizontal laying diagram:


Flexible Lightning Grounding System 4